Mead Magic - Just add water, and time!

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  • Honey
  • Carboy
  • Yeast
  • Nutrients
  • Fermenting Equipment
  • Bottles
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Mead Magic kits contain almost everything you need to make one gallon of the world’s oldest alcoholic beverage – just add water! With the easy, step-by-step directions, all you need is a little time to make your own mead.

Honey for Mead Magic kits comes from our own hives, raw and unfiltered so that you get a full range of flavor in your mead. The fall crop is a dark blend of goldenrod and Japanese knotweed, a dark and sweet honey that has overtones of caramel.

Mead Magic kits include only the bare necessities that you need to brew – but you can use them again and again to make additional batches of mead (see our Booster Packs to resupply!)

Each box contains:

-- Primary fermenter
-- Secondary fermenter
-- Airlock and stopper
-- Yeast, nutrients, energizer
-- Siphon tubing
-- Sanitizer and campden tablet
-- Raw honey (three options)
-- 8 self-sealing bottles
-- Easy-to-follow instructions

Honey options

Fall Honey: a strong, dark blend of goldenrod and japanese bamboo nectars, with overtones of caramel. Harvested from our hives in Harford, NY.

Summer Honey: The summer harvest, extracted in August from our hives in Harford, NY, is an amber, rich honey. The mead I'm making from it has distinctly citrus notes to it. (Seasonal: not always available.)

Spring honey: a lighter version of fall honey that the bees didn't use over the winter, softened by lighter spring nectars. (Seasonal: not always available.)
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